2017 Olde Hickory & Howard Brewing Pro-Am Competition


Join Olde Hickory Brewery and CLASS for the 8th-annual, AHA & BJCP Sanctioned Pro-Am Competition.

Starts now: registration and drop off
3/24: Final day for online registration and drop off (ends at 6pm)
4/1: Pro-Am Judging Event
4/2: Results are in! Click here.
4/15: Scoresheets sent to all participants (via email only)

Olde Hickory Brewery (Map)
2 3rd St SW
Hickory, NC 28602

Important Details:

  • Acceptable beer styles include all 34 categories listed in the 2015 BJCP style guidelines.
  • Entries may be brewed from malt extract, all grain, or a combination of both.
  • Entries must be brewed from start to finish on a non-professional homebrewing system.
  • It is suggested that brewers use pellet type hops in their entries.
  • Entries will be accepted from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia residents. The winning brewer will be responsible for their own transportation to the applicable Brewery on the day the winning recipe is brewed as well as arranging to pick up an allotted amount of the finished beer.
  • There is a 12-entry limit per brewer. There is also a 200-person limit for the competition.
  • Entry fee is $7 per entry.
  • Entrants must be a American Homebrewers Association (AHA) member & complete a generic Recipe Form to qualify for Best of Show.


  • The Pro-Am is open to all amateur homebrewers 21 years of age or older from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia.
  • No professional brewers or Olde Hickory or Howard Brewing employees or their immediate family members are eligible.
  • Beers must be brewed at home from start to finish. Beer brewed in a commercial brewery or a brew-on-premises facility (BOP) is not allowed. Fresh malt extract from a brewery is not acceptable.
  • Dry or liquid extract intended for homebrewing is allowed.
  • All entries and payments in full must be received by March 24, 2017. This deadline applies to every entrant, without exceptions. Late deliveries will not be accepted or returned.

Questions? Comments?
Email Paul Watkins, event organizer.


How to Enter:

  1. Prepare 2 bottles of each entered beer.
  2. Register Online (Now through March 24, 2017).
  3. Print & cut out 2 Bottle ID Labels from online registration per entry.
  4. Enclose each Bottle ID Label in a plastic (sandwich) bag and attach to each bottle with a rubber band. Do not use glue or tape.
  5. Download and Complete this generic Recipe Form for each entry. Then print and enclose with your entries. Use this form to maintain anonymity in the event judges need to refer to the recipe specifics during the Best of Show round.
  6. Pay your entry fee. ($7 per entry) There are two options:
    • Use the Paypal link below. You do not have to have a Paypal account.
    • Make a check payable to CLASS Homebrewers for the total of your entries ($7 per entry). Please ensure that the check identifies the entrant. Checks shipped with beer entries should be enclosed in a plastic bag to prevent smearing or soaking.
  7. Ship or Hand-deliver entries, recipes as noted above, (and checks, if not using Paypal) to one of the following locations (all entries will be placed directly into the beer cooler promptly upon delivery)

Entry Fee:

Questions? Comments?
Email Paul Watkins, event organizer.


Drop-off & Ship-to Location:
Olde Hickory Brewery (Map)
2 Third Street SW, Hickory, NC 28602
Deliveries will be accepted Monday – Friday 10am-5pm.

Drop-off ONLY Locations
Hops & Vines (Map)
797 Haywood Road – Ste. 100
Asheville, NC 28806
(828) 252-5275

Alternative Beverage (Map)
Charlotte Area (Map) 1500 River Dr – Ste 104
Belmont, NC 28012
(704) 527-2337

Beer & Wines Hobbies Int’l (Map)
19725 Oak Street
Cornelius, NC 28031
(704) 825-8400

Winners and Best of Show:
Medals will be awarded to all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place flight winners. These winning beers will then be judged in a Best of Show round to determine the winning beer(s) to be brewed by Olde Hickory Brewery. Beers that achieve a high score (40 or higher) but do not place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd may be pushed to the Best of Show round. The competition organizers reserve the right to combine style categories for judging and awards.

Questions? Comments?
Email Paul Watkins, event organizer.


Best of Show Prize:

  • The Brewery will take the Best of Show recipe and reproduce it as close to the original recipe as possible on their professional system with the help of the homebrewer.
  • The winning brewer will be allowed to help brew his/her winning recipe.
  • The winning brew may also be entered into the next GABF Pro-Am competition.
  • For your beer to qualify, Olde Hickory Brewery (“the Brewery”) must be able to brew your beer from grain to glass in no more than 45 days.
  • The Breweries use the following yeasts (though others will be considered:
    • Wyeast 1056 American Ale (Substitute with White Labs 001 California Ale or Safale US-05)
    • Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager (Substitute with White Labs 840 American Pilsner Lager or Saflager W-34/70 dry yeast)
    • Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen (Substitute with White Labs 300
    • Hefeweizen Ale or Safbrew WB-06 dry yeast)
  • The Brewery have access to most commercially available malts; it is suggested that homebrewers use those malts commonly available at local homebrew shops.
  • The winning brewer will be responsible for their own transportation to the brewery on the day the winning recipe is brewed as well as arranging to pick up an allotted amount of the finished beer.

Judging & Stewarding:
The Pro-Am needs volunteers to judge and steward. Judges of all experience levels may volunteer. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Register Online or you contact our event organizer, Paul Watkins via email.

Questions? Comments?
Email Paul Watkins, event organizer.


The fine print: By entering the competition, the winning homebrewer agrees to disclose their complete recipe to the Brewery and grant the Brewery all commercial and intellectual property rights to the winning beer. Entering the competition constitutes permission for the Brewery and its agencies to use your name, likeness, picture, signature, voice, audio and video recordings and biographical information in any manner or media whatsoever (whether now known or hereafter devised) anywhere in the world in perpetuity for the purpose of advertising and trade, without further compensation, unless prohibited by law. Entries without full recipe details cannot be selected for Best of Show.